1. & 2. Flight, Arrival  at Newark and Cape Cod

Sunday, 22.06.2008:  Flight and Night at Hampton Inn Linden


Start at Frankfurt (with Continental Airlines): 11:40 - below: River Mosel 

Southern England 

here we went 

Skyline of New York 

Monday, 23.06.2008:  Take-over the "Mobilhome" and Trip to Cape Cod


Stars and Stripes 

At Keansburg near Middletown - about 50 miles south of New York we get our "Monster - Motorhome". A giant vehicle - smaller they didn`t have.  Because of that shock we drove to the ocean for a first birdwatching trip ....... 

...... this little and nice "Eastern Kingbird" was very cooperative! 

Ahead and onto the George Washington Bridge crossing the Hudson (northwest of Manhattan) we sit in traffic. Then we went on to the Interstate 95 via New Havens, New London to Providence. Then onto the Interstate 295 to Fall River. Then to New Bedford / Cape Cod.

Finish at CAPE COD was the North of Highland Campground - east of Truro. We arrived  after 350 miles and 10 hours later in the evening at 9 o´clock (!!!!!) . It rains.


Tuesday, 24.06.2008:  First Impressions + Visit Provincetown


Next Mourning the rain had stopped!   

Our Monster-Truck! Advantage: lot of room inside - Minus: It´s not possible to stop soon (perhaps if you see a nice bird at the roadside) - or turn around quick. You always need a big place for that. 

Through a kind of mountain pins a path leads to the ocean...   

on the way: a squirrel ....   

....a Mourning Dove......

.... an American Robin.....

..... a Brown - Headed Cowbird ....

..... this wonderful Northern Cardinal ....


.... an American Goldfinch .....

..... and a Red - Breasted Nuthatch (female)

On the beach the sky looks blue!

What´s this?????

It´s a protection for the uncommon Piping Plover and it´s chicks!!!!!!!!!1

The german word for this bird is: "Flötenregenpfeifer"! 

Rising Sun....


In the North of Cape Cod: Provincetown!

This old pier is now a place for gulls and cormorants 

The Center of Provincetown .....

.... with wonderful wooden houses.

Back on the beach: What´s that - it looks like rocks in the water .....

..... but if you come close you see:   about 150 Grey Seals (Kegelrobben)


Wednesday, 25.06.2008:  "Wellfleet Bay"


 "Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary"!

If you are lucky  you can find American Horseshoe Crabs


Pickerel Weed - Pontederia cordata

Prairie Warbler (Rotscheitel Waldsänger)

Red Winged Blackbird (Rotschulter Stärling)

Prickly Pear (Opuntien)

Northern Bobwhite (Virginia Wachtel)





Orchard Oriole (Garten - Trupial)

Baltimore Trupial 

....the bird likes to bath!

Veery (Wilson Drossel)

... a trip to a Shopping- Center (26.06.2008)  and then going to Boston!


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